It goes without saying that outlines do not replace actually viewing the video! (Not all videos will be available every semester.)

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  1. Life in the Trees (week 1)
  2. Children of Eve (week 2)
  3. Orangutans (week 3)
  4. Baboon society
  5. Julia Roberts in Indonesia (maybe just the final scene!)
  6. "Gorilla" (week 4)
  7. brain and cerebral specialization, Gazzaniga's "interpreter" left hemisphere
  8. "Among the wild chimpanzees" Jane Goodall,
  9. New Chimps (recent chimp stuff.2/25/99 --There are also some notes on bonobos and an interview with Frans de Waal. Also you can read an excerpt of his 1997 book the Bonobo: the forgotten ape.) DeWaal has just published another book, just reviewed by Meredith Small, author Female Choice.
  10. captive gibbons in the Caribbean (with a brief note on C. R. Carpenter)
  11. Gibbons in Thailand (no notes)
  12. tool-making by a crow (video from Science, August 9, 2002)
  13. Piaget's theory of genetic epistemology (TGE) notes.
  14. Kelloggs' 1931 film segments
  15. Brain function video
  16. Animal Intelligence
  17. Chimpanzee nutcracking>
  18. 'The Uncommon Chimp'
  19. Scientific American "Primetime Primates"
  20. "Touch" from the Senses series
  21. "Bedtime for Bonzo" segments
  22. The Hayes' try to teach Vicki to speak!
  23. Examples of non-human primate tool use
  24. Brain BBC (update to Brain Function above #15)
  25. The social brain
  26. Language video,
  27. Human language development
  28. The nature of human nature
  29. Ape signs
  30. A new dialect of sign language -NSL.
  31. transcript of Kanzi video(Also see my notes on ape "language."
  32. Brief feature on Alex the grey parrot
  33. bonobo film
  34. The last great ape (Bonobos on PBS)
  35. video clip at PBS compares bonobo with chimp; speculation of their evolution
  36. Goodall returns to Gombe

  37. Comparison of lemur, baboon, orang parenting ()

  38. highlights of parenting in chimps, bonobos, and others (no notes)

  39. Family of Chimps Arnhem Zoo,
  40. Responsive Brain
  41. adaptable macaques
  42. Koko's nipple fetish
  43. "mirror" test
  44. Test