Transcript for "Examples of Primate Tool Use"


(Prepared by Allison Trodella and Liz Prudente, Psychology of Primates class)


Darwin (1871) on primate tool use.
"It has often been said that no animal uses any tool; but the chimpanzee in a state of nature cracks a native fruit, somewhat like a walnut, with a stone. [37]"


A lot of primatologists have not done their homework on this topic!


Time              Description


Nutcracking Chimps

0:12-1:04         Introduction to nutcracking; what it is used for hammer and anvil; the amount of force needed to crack a nut

1:05-2:34         Caloric amount vs. time foraging; wood hammer vs. stone hammer; how many hits/minute that the chimps do

2:35-6:13         Juvenile going through the process of learning to use hammer and anvil. It takes at least 4 years.


Nature:  Chimps – Mind, Language, Self 11/95

6:14-7:27         Chimp fishing for ants and termites with twigs

7:28-9:27         Nutcracking chimps with hammer and anvil

9:28-10:32       Orangutans washing clothes  (what are they thinking!)

10:33-12:18     Chimp painting with paintbrush; can fix brush when broken

12:19-15:58     Kanzi using a knife to cut food; using tools to communicate


Nova:  Signs of the Apes, Songs of the Whales

15:59-18:17     Orangutan (Chantek) figuring out how to open box; tools for problem solving; using tools without being shown how to


Rumbaugh tape:  Sherman/Alice Khanzi

18:18-19:52     Tool Use in the Same Room

19:53-23:43     Tricking Them with Tools --; Sherman and Austin pick a lock; using a straw to drink


Scientific American:  Primetime Primates 2/8/95

23:44-25:25     Chimps using tools to get honey

19:53-23:43     Orangutans using  rake to get fruit:  trial and error  and social priming maybe --not mimicking -- compared to a child


Kortlandt's experiment with fake leopard, aggression

30:52-33:19     Using weapons as tools to attack fake leopard and examine it; somewhat bogus narrative on how accurate chimps are throwing.


Family of Chimps

33:20-34:15     Drinking water using a cap for a cup

34:16-35:20     Using logs as tools to get leaves off of trees

35:21-36:08     Ant fishing

36:09-38:33     Using a stick to fish lettuce out of the moat

38:34-42:43     Using a log to get to leaves above shock wire

42:44-43:31     Using a small stump to jump up into window

43:32-47:09     Chimp finally makes it into tree with log stump

47:08-49:04     Throwing things at fake lion