Online video clips-- some of these may be ephemeral, that is here today gone tomorrow. If you find a relevant video that should be posted here, send me (JL) an email with the link and a sentence or two why it is relevant.

The first primates; what are primates? NOVA; also here.

Lucy's jaw reconstructed by computer imagery. (MSNBC)

Sex on PBS, mate choice

sexual attraction- humans Discovery

Ape Genius (2008)

on the differential evolution of chimps and bonobos, PBS

Papyrus -2000 year old writing

Bird song and language? (interesting but sketchy-- especially on stuttering)

Joe Bogan on animal consciousness (PBS)

computation, brain, and consciousness video IBM almaden lecture series

Michael Gazzaniga and Joe and Alan Alda on cerebral specialization and the "interpreter"

The unique human hand with Alan Alda- "Handmade humans"

the role of "mirror neurons" in social learning. (PBS)

NOVA on the recent Homo floresiensis discovery (a 3 foot tall human)

Clips of Donald and Gua, along with commentary by the Kelloggs.

Clips of Vicki (1947-1954) and the Hayes family

chimp nut cracking

male gorillas duke it out for leader of the pack.

deWaal on chimp friends etc.

bonobo recognizes herself

"Animal kingdom's Sexiest Ape"--ABC TV Nightline

"Ape Talk"" at Slate Magazine - a feature of the Iowa Apes.

Epigenetics-- how twins can become quite distinct phenotypes

Nova on memory and H.M., 2009

bird brains and human language-- any connection? (Nova, 13 min.)

early humans depicted in pop culture (Nova slides)


dolphins and monkeys too?

the famous Caledonian crows; now caught in the wild with camera attached (11/07)


Kanzi ( but don't forget about Alex or Fellow!)


human attachment

"attachment parents"

Harlow's "love" experiments


Freud and his nephew Bernays


Drunk Monk (shared attraction to alcohol)

dog intellect? (google for more)

how does an octopus run? (google for several examples)

object permanence : Piaget's A not B task


BBC series on mammals is on YouTube. Here are most relevant.

Walking with caveman: first ancestors

How smart are animals? PBS 2011