animal intelligence video 3/24/11
How much are animals like us?"   
anthropomorphism-- the belief  that "animals just little people in furry bodies"  (Goodall )
"we hear more about the successes than the failures." (Professor McPhail)
Pippen- shows considerable intelligence in the artificial environnment set up by his trainer.  We are fooled only in thinking it is a "natural" set of behaviors.  We project our own feelings and motives on Pippen unless we know the full story.  And the full story MUST include the history or development of that behavior in the individual.
mental maps-- extend beyond trial and error
humans definitely show them
rats and "cognitive maps"
brain and cognitive maps in hippocampus
in some species learning more actually increases the weight of their hippcampi
loss of hippocampus in humans may prevent acquisition of new declarative knowledge, cf HM case.
birds and cognitive maps
nutcracker jay
insight- mental manipulation
may be trial and error within the head
Kohler's chimps
Kohler invented the term insight to explain the mental processes he observed in his apes.  And he found it very limited comparing it to human abilities.
Nevertheless, it was a breakthrough to show covert problem solving, probably via visual imagery.
interesting but must see first encounter with problem
Goodall (same bogus bla bla on tool use) food
chimps use sticks as threats and displays to intimidate
swabs and wipes
probes for food
crows and even better
social priming --  not just motor imitation
orangutan washing again (and again)
dolphin study (but the idea of imitation is different from imitation of any given case.)  "learn what I do"   Simon says...
pigeons' concepts?
imitation and motor neurons