Return to Gombe (2005)

This video chronicles Jane Goodall's life doing research in Gombe over the past 40 years.  It focuses on several different issues including the three generation F- familyl from Flo to Frodo and others from the G family, Goblin and Gremlin.


Factors in the rise and fall of Frodo as dominant male--(compare with Murder in the troop; Mr. Kusasi, and Titus). (Hear Jane talk about this big bully. Click on Frodo.)

Aggression, alliances and coalitions, family,  grooming, physical strength all play a role.  I think Jane called Frodo a 'big thug!' And didn't Craig Stanford say that Frodo was one of the most successful hunters? Dominant Frodo became ill and several other males are confronting him . Having ruled for 5 years, Frodo's days are over. The other large males will have to fight/work it out to see who takes over. DeWaal documented in his Chimpanzee Politics how alliances and cooperation, as well as physical dominance, determine chimp leaders.

Information on the development of young chimps – the rare twins of Gremlin.

It is no surprise twins are rare.  Some interesting aspects of maternal care are illustrated.

Much on the aggressive nature of common chimps

Males and females

Implications for humans?? While there is lots of talk these days about the aggressveness of common chimps and wringing of hands about whether aggression is "instinctive" -- why don't these wringers mention bonobos who seem NOT to be that aggressive at all. Nor do the bonobos hunt very much (but see recent news item). And since bonobos are equally close to humans as common chimps, any common inheritage should show up in them as well, right?

Jane's growing interest in conservation of chimps

Habitat loss


Care of orphans

There are many issues here; clearly these young chimps lack the type and quantity of affection and care that normal chimps do.

See Harlow notes for some experimental findings with monkeys on early experiences and later cognitive and sexual abilites.

Education of local humans about chimps and conservation

More information on Goodall's recent work