1. Hot off the Press (within a year or so!)
    1. New gorilla baby!
    2. Chimps and gorilla as meat?
    3. Mountain gorillas killed!--effect of Rwanda civil war
    4. recent gorilla killings One point of view
    5. Deborah Blum interview with author of "Monkey Wars" (using primates in research)
    6. Military chimps retirement problems. (3/17)
    7. No more hybrid orangs? (March 13, 1995)
    8. Review of Birute's"orangutan" autobiography.
    9. Fatal coconut tied to pet monkey!
    10. Baboon model for AIDS developed
  2. Primate Taxonomy
    1. What is the source of this information?
    2. Taxonomy of Primates( Common name index for ALL species)
  3. Various Sources about Primates and Evolution (Good, Bad, and Ugly)
    1. Wisconsin Regional Primate Center (contains much of what follows below)

    2. Primate Info Net
    3. The Laboratory Primate Newsletter (current and recent issues)
    4. PIC - Primate Information Center
    5. Primate research
    6. The Primate Network (general information)

    7. Animal rights information

    8. International Primate Protection League
    9. Jane Goodall Institute
    10. Primarily Primates (Check out Oliver!)

    11. American Society of Primatologists

    12. Japan chimp Newsletter
    13. Monkey brain atlas

    14. Monkeys assist disabled?
    15. Budango Forest Project (chimp studies)

    16. Gorilla conservation (Germany)
    17. Orangutan Foundation (information and conservation)

    18. Hominid research (Barcelona)

    19. African primates Homepage (Indiana)

    20. World of Chimpanzees (from Kyoto Japan)
    21. Primarily Primates (conservation, esp.lab/performing chimps)

    22. The Great Ape Project (Ape civil rights?)

    23. Primate Image Gallery

    24. Primate genetic data

    25. American Society of Primatologists

    26. Nonhuman Primate Management Plan (NIH)
    27. Lemur Home Page
    28. Gorilla Information (Busch Gardens)
    29. Mountain gorilla Protection (maps, movies)
    30. Gorilla Simulation! (King Kong meets IBM?)
    31. Chimpanzee (Busch Gardens)
    32. Ebola Virus Recommended Reading List
    33. Ebola news!
    34. The Whole Brain Atlas Extraordinary! (But you need a viewer)
    35. Origin of Species Charles Darwin on line!
    36. The Descent of Man - Charles Darwin
    37. Tarzan of the Apes - Edgar Rice Burroughs (Project Gutenburg)
    38. Timelines - Evolution
    39. (Usenet)
    40. Human origins news group
    41. (Usenet) Archive
    42. Evolution (Harvard University)
      (links to everything remotely related!)
    43. (Usenet) Home Page
    44. The Electronic Zoo
    45. Phylogenic tree of life (Information on the organization of life.)

    46. Eating primates
    47. Darwin List :discussion and information about the history of evolutionary ideas, etc.

    48. Aquatic Ape info page (The idea that humans evolved from a semi-aquatic ape!)
    49. Eugenics history

    1. William Calvin, Neurophysiologist and noted author on human evolution and the "throwing" brain. Several of his papers are available including his recent Scientific American article (Oct., 1994) on "The emergence of intelligence." He also has links to interesting neuroscience nodes.

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