Some of us humans are much too impressed upon hearing about the
accomplishments and capabilities of Kanzi or other enculturated animals.

This may occur for several reasons including a limited appreciation of
these animals in their own complex natural activities as well as little
recognition of the abilities of young humans.  Here is an anecdote of
young Tiger Woods at age two. Like many of such anecdotes it is provided
by an admirer -- his father; but many of Tiger's early accomplishments are
also on film and in a book about to be published. 

 "One day, when Tiger was two, we were on the second hole at Navy Golf
Course in Cypress, Calif.  He had hit his ball into the trees to the right
on a short par -4.  I said, What are you going to do, Tiger?"  He looked
and he said, "I can't hit the ball over these trees, Daddy, they're too
tall."  "Well, what else are you going to do?"  I asked.  "I can hit it
between those trees, but I've got to keep it down.  And there's a big sand
twap."  "O.K., what else can you do?"  He looked to the left and said, "I
can hit my ball out into the fairway, it my next shot onto the green, and
one-putt for a par."....Two years later when Tiger was four, I realized
that he was so talented that he needed the services of a professional to
accelerate his development." 

Sports Illustrated, May 12, 1997, p. 100.