"The most intelligent ape in the Zoological Park group, and beyond a doubt one of the most sagacious simians of which we have any reliable records, is Susie, the little three-year old chimpanzee. Susie was obtained by Mr. Garner in the Fernan Vas district of the French Congo region, about one hundred and twenty-five miles inland from Cape Lopez. Her scientific name is Anthropo-pithecus calvus, and in her own country the natives call her kulu kamba, "kula" being their onomatope for the ape's characteristic cry, and "kamba" their word for "talk" or "speech." Garner studied Susie for several months and reported she had 5 words "yes, no, want, protest, satisfaction" up age 8 months when given to the Zoo.

Although the keeper of the Primate House at NYZP, Mr. Ferdinand Engehohm, has not been able to discover that his apes use any language correctly speaking, he is confident that the chimpaness Susie, Dick, and Baldy comprehend the definite meaning of many words and that their minds react promptly when these words are addressed to them in the form of commands. This is more developed in Susie who was reported to follow at least 43 distinct commands.

[from Gladden, 1913]