revised after all those years, 4/05/2011

There are many methods of searching for information on the Internet. The New York Times maintains a useful list. Try several different methods. They all do not work identically.

The UNH library databases are accessible only through BlackBoard login.

Next click on Library, then to Databases.

Look for Psychology/sociology/anthropology, then select the database of interest.

Useful databases include Academic Search Premier, Web of Science, especially the "cited reference search" where you have an older reference and want more recent papers that cite that source. Also look around for something like "related references."

For Primate topics, try the Primate Literature Search at the University of Wisconsin, Madison.

You can also Google the UNH Pubpages:


Google Scholar is also useful though it seems to have older references than you might want.

For references on language acquisition and other useful info, try the CHILDES bibliography and databases at CMU.

I have found Amazon Books to be an excellent source of book information, often better than the UNH catalog.

The Public Library Of Science (PLOS) is an effort to make knowledge freely available to everyone. Try it.

Evaluating sources

Citing internet sources in your papers