Miscellaneous notes, topic outlines, and links

(The items with ** are most important)

  1. News report on the "bioethics" professor (See also my (JL) comments on this issue in your readings, pp. 1-6.)

  2. Research project checklist
  3. Link to U of Washington primate database (joli, beta)

  4. Spring, 99 references to readings.

  5. **Video List and notes.

  6. **Timeline of primate events (week 01-99)

  7. Tree of Life (All of it -- at U. of Arizona)
  8. How Humans evolved! (link to textbook)
  9. Bipedalism and evolution (U. of Illinois)

  10. info on Darwin and his times (links)
  11. info on evolution of life (link)
  12. The Orangutan Foundation (link)
  13. **Notes on evolution and Gould (1977)
  14. **(2/15/99) Famous primate people notes (While primates have been evolving for millions of years, only in the last few hundred years have we had the abilities to reflect upon ourselves. Here is a quick overview of some of those reflecting primates!)

  15. **(2/15/99) Notes on the brain( NOT updated for 1999 as yet.)

  16. **(2/23/99) Notes on brain development, revised slightly 2/23/99.
  17. Overview of primate sensory systems (undergoing revision, 2/20/99)

  18. **(3/04/99) Intelligence notes (to be revised slightly. For now there are old notes and a brief outline for March 11, 1999 that I will revise again incorporating more of the old notes.)

  19. **(3/23/99)Notes from PC on Piaget & tools
  20. **(3/23/99) Tools, (to be revised a bit by 3/23/99)

  21. **Outline of human language functions

  22. **Outline of human language development

  23. **Steps to the evolution of human language

  24. **Can apes use a human language? (Includes the Koko "online" transcript, 4/30/98)

  25. Notes on animal communication (tentative, 4/20/99)
  26. **Notes on sex, parental investment, aggression and cooperation, social structure and mating (4/23/99) Notice the two links to papers on sex hormones in the Behavioral and Brain Sciences journal.

    The notes and links for 1999 are above this line

    Other links of interest, Spring 1999

  27. Ape information
  28. Primate Information Center (maintains virtually all references to primates; at the U of Washington)

  29. Intelligence notes 1996 (some incorporated into 1998 but read for "big brain" info)

  30. Tool use outline

  31. Harry Harlow