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[Psychology 512, Spring 1999 (being revised for Spring, 2000)]

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What's New, Important, or Interesting?

(Links most relevant to class topics to date are above the line break. Always check out "What's New?" at the Primate Info Net (WRPRC).

  1. chimp hunting behavior
  2. A bibliography of recent primate research prepared by the Washington Regional Primate Center.
  3. The American Scientist this month has two articles of interest: one on signing, gestures, and language origins; the other on selective breeding of foxes!

  4. Jane Goodall's career (feature in Salon magazine, 3/23/99)

  5. Brain repair in the 21st century (brief lecture on diseases and neurogenesis)

  6. AIDS from chimps?(Feb 02, 1999)
  7. review of research on primate emotions (The Scientist, May 11, 1998)

  8. CNN interview with deWaal on bonobos (5/01/98)

  9. Koko on-line (transcript)

  10. Yerkes Lab at Emory
  11. Demonic Males Chapter One of "Demonic Males: Apes and the Origins of Human Violence," by Richard Wrangham and Dale Peterson. Wrangham was a student at Gombe and uses examples from Gombe chimps in the book; Peterson is also the co-author (with Jane Goodall) of "Visions of Caliban." Warning -- only chapter One is online.

  12. on the origins of culture

  13. on dogs and the shrunken domestic human brain
  14. F. deWaal interview on bonobos
  15. Chimps (Science, Aug. 9, 1997: Limber's ID needed)

  16. Suckling gorilla (image)

  17. Evolution of human body/brain size (Science, May, 1997)

  18. The origin of animal body plans (In the American Scientist, 4/97)

  19. Human evolution notes from University of Illinois

  20. Personal history of a complete achromat (What's it like to have no color receptors? Excerpts from Knut Nordby's autobiography)

  21. On gorilla conservation from CNN

  22. Primate Enrichment page (with bibliography)

  23. Template Atlas of the Primate Brain
  24. Links to evolution pages (good & bad)

  25. National Child Development Database

  26. about zoos

  27. Non-human primate theory of mind research paper (Heyes critique of much recent chimp cognition research)