Welcome to the Psychology 401 page; this is currently being revised for Fall, 1999 and revisions will continue as the semester progresses.

(See the Fall, 1998 course materials) A course description for Psychology 401 and daily calendar with links to daily notes, and grades , more or less up to date, is available. Selected questions from the class email list are in the process of being archived. There will also be a file of all the semester's quizzes available by Dec.14, 1999. And, finally, there is a listing of the selected abnormal websites.

Text:Gleitman's Psychology (fifth edition)

  1. Intro notes (old and new)
  2. History of Psychology: Descartes to James

  3. Historical events of the day in psychology (calender from APA)

  4. Guide to Glietman's Psychology

  5. Internet study guide to Gleitman's Psychology (FIfth edition)[5TPQHAX]
  6. What's new in psychology links? (U of Illlinois)

  7. Links to sensation and perception
  8. Memory exhibit (at the Exploratorium, San Francisco)

  9. Cognition experiments (Purdue University)

  10. recent dream article in New Scientist, April 26, 1997.

  11. Brain and behavior (discussion and demos of vision, etc. from Serendip) A particularly good demonstration of the blindspot.

  12. Learn about the brain

  13. The world through the eyes of a honeybee.
  14. Stanford's Cognitive and Psychological Sciences resource page
  15. Guide to the neurosciences

  16. Neuropsychology
  17. PsychWeb Information and links

  18. National Child Development Database
  19. Human factors (faq, links)

  20. Illusion page
  21. ageing links
  22. Psychology related journals
  23. Other introductory courses and book pages