1. Sad Macs fixit
  2. Mac info
  3. Howard Rheingold author of "They have a word for it" inter alia.
  4. George Johnson NY Times science writer and author of several "cognitive" books

  5. David Chalmers (consciousness papers, etc.)

  6. Ned Block (consciousness papers, etc.)

  7. Social constructionism (sense and Nonsense)

  8. Stapp on consciousnous and QM

  9. PJHughes
  10. Frank Potter Science pages
  11. Stephanie Ashley (good education links)
  12. Gary Cziko
  13. http://www-mitpress.mit.edu/City_of_Bits/synopsis.html
  14. M.Barlow (linguistics)
  15. William Calvin, lution and the "throwing" brain. Several of his papers are available including his recent Scientific American article (Oct., 1994) on "The emergence of intelligence." He also has links to interesting neuroscience nodes.