Information on Darwin and evolution

Huxley's book
  1. Human origins stuff

  2. Darwin, himself!

  3. Darwin's life
  4. Hominid evolution (excellent overview & graphics)

  5. Hominid origins archive ( FAQ, etc.)

  6. Adaptation stories (Just so!)
  7. Memes (cultural evolution)

  8. Debate on evolution (biologist vs lawyer(Johnson))

  9. Anti-evolution stuff (Johnson, Behe, etc.)

  10. An 1874 Darwin song!"
  11. "Man is but a worm." 1882 illustration and S. J. Gould & Lewontin's Evolution course

  12. Man's Place in Nature Image from Huxley's (1863) book at USC's Hancock library

  13. Cziko's Without Miracles course and partial text
  14. Paleo pages (human origins, evolution)

  15. Aquatic apes? (the NO vote!)