week 15

4/23 video (de Waal Family of chimps)

These animals were the basis for deWaal's Chimpanzee Politics. One very important point to remember about this video is how much the zoo environment impacts the behavior of these chimps. For example, a steady food supply probably gives them more time to engage in other activities in addition to better health, more rapid maturity, and even larger in size. The environment also might allow the dominant male, Nikki, much greater control over the behavior of others who cannot escape into the woods for a little unsupervised fun! (Group size also may be important, too.)

synergy of prematurity, nursing, diet, MPI, and reproductive rates

We have already discussed the importance of diet in intelligence --both direct effects and indirect effects. Diet also plays a varied and critical role in fertility. (See the Ackerman interview of Ellison in readings.)

All of the issues below contribute to a primate species rate of reproduction.

sexual maturity--genes and diet
fertility a function of nursing frequency and body fat
prematurity and nursing aided by high MPI

lactation demands
A normal 2000 calorie woman requires double that when nursing. Coupled with the extreme helplessness of a human infant, male parental investment (MPI) seems critical in early Homo sapiens survival.

summary of human "reproductive strategy"

4/25 video (goodall) get study guide for exam 4

week 16

4/30 video (New Chimps)

aggression and reconciliation
parenting, attachment, socialization
modelling evolution (read about it!)

some points from Tooby & Devore, Small, and Bryne

ethical implications of research (ditto!)

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