Links to topics

  1. Philosophy of Mind dictionary

  2. the Consciousness page (Many links)
  3. Definitions of consciousness (Ned Block)

  4. Chalmer's homepage (Extensive bibliographies, links to papers on consciousness)

  5. Philosophy of Mind papers and links.

  6. annotated bibliography of consciousness & brain stuff (Ellis & Newton)

  7. on-line search for philosophical topics (Noesis)
  8. Nigel Thomas' Imagery and consciousness page

  9. Baar's Consciousness book (online)
  10. Seminar paper on emotion and consciousness, Fall 1998

  11. Cognition and Consciousness (journal abstracts)

  12. Phantom Limb page
  13. Quantum approaches to consciousness (discussion list archives)

  14. microtubule consciousness (Stuart Hameroff)

  15. Go to the Metaphor Ho me page
  16. Knowing Where Your Limbs Are
  17. Sybil is Bogus? (multiple personality followup)

  18. Hypnosis

  19. Personal history of a complete achromat

  20. Consciousness discussion archives (other useful info, too)
  21. Consciousness papers
  22. Consciousness society page
  23. Zombie Jamboree Chalmers

  24. Altered States of Consciousness (includes dreaming)

  25. Psyche: Consciousness journal

  26. Journal of Consciousness Studies

  27. Noetica A cognitive science journal

  28. Tucson consciousness conference information, April 8-13,1996

  29. Mind bibliography maintained by David Chalmers

  30. U. of Illinois Artificial Intelligence (AI) Library

  31. Links to one view of AI with special interest in "stories."

  32. Julia is a program that attempts to pass the Turing test (to talk to Julia, click here and login as "julia" with no password).

  33. The Psychology of Science page, with an interesting link to Bell's invention of the telephone developed by Mike Gorman.

  34. Alexander Graham Bell--a case study in the psychology of invention
  35. Invention (references to the psychology of invention and a case study of the Wright brothers.

  36. John McCarthy's "Robot Child" (inventor of LISP, etc.)

  37. Cognitive Science Research (excellent info from Valerie Gray Hardcastle)
  38. The Hopkins Philosophy Pages
  39. visit a human visual cognition lab

  40. Visual illusions (from David Landrigan)
  41. CMU AI resources