Interactive resources

  1. Looking for Books on line? Alex will find it and retrieve it if it's there!

  2. Motor theory demo (Java required)

  3. Roget's Thesaurus(Give and get!)

  4. latent semantic analysis (LSA at CU) Also see "Hal"

  5. Get the associations to a common word interactively. (This is British data.)
  6. Speech processing

  7. McGurk effect from the U of Illinois.

  8. Explore word relationships at the WWW interface to WordNet version 1.5
  9. CHILDES language database.
  10. Fourier
IconA Pictorial Introduction to Fourier Analysis/Synthesis [GRAPHICS! Lynx (text browser) will not be adequate]
  11. Find an anagram for the following:(May be slow or not work at all with Lynx). In any case, check out the Anagram Hall of Fame. or even More anagrams

  12. Psycholinguistics at MSU (Ferriera)
  13. Visit Haskins Laboratories (Speech research)

  14. Phonetics (viewer needed) (Lots of links)

  15. Speech Synthesis in three languages online!

  16. Ethnologue Database A listing of all human languages (about 6000), with information about locations, number of speakers, etc.

  17. Everything about Proverbs!

  18. Hwaet! Old English in Context

    (no Lynx)

  19. Eliza the program.

  20. jobs in linguistics (CUNY/LSA bulletin board)