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  1. 512 tools01.gif
  2. 512 tools02.gif
  3. 512tools01.gif thinking as trial and error
  4. 512tools02.gif Piaget's stages plus
  5. Image10.gif bird song acquisition
  6. Image11.gif communication theory
  7. Image9.gif bee dances
  8. allometry1.gif femur as index of body size
  9. allometry2.gif body size vs brain size allometry over time
  10. glucoseUse.gif sketch of capillary and nerve cells
  11. intelligence9801.gif species differences in solving two-choice learning set problems
  12. intelligence9802.gif curiosity by species to objects
  13. intelligence9803.gif complexities of intelligence and nutrition
  14. intelligence9804.gif types of social priming (Bryne)
  15. intelligence9805.gif thinking and Piaget's stages, etc
  16. primate9801.gif relationship among evolution, sexual, parental investment, competetion
  17. primate9802.gif gene compleity on environment and feedback via reproduction
  18. anthropoid_feet.jpg examples of differentiation