PRIMATES exam 1 information


The average was about 81-- a few down from last year's exceptional 84. This is due to a handful of scores inexplicably around 50-60 .

I input your scores on Blackboard and exams will be returned Tuesday.

See the MC and short answer answers here; the essay is here with scoring key.

Each component was weighted about the same--.32 for MC and SA and .36 for essay. Here's formula:


from my excel spreadsheet giving % correct.

Any complaints about grading must be submitted on paper along with the exam by next Thursday, March 8. Say what's wrong and give any supporting evidence if you have it.


If you want to improve, here is my advice:


1. attend class - many of the low scores said the orangutan was playing with the loris! I wondered if these are the same people who said chimpanzees are monkeys! I didn't bother checking. Good grief...

2. review the daily notes; Primate news, and relevant topic and video notes--especially if you miss class.

3. work out the old exam; study the study guide!

4. use an outline/table or some organizer for your essay. Many of the lower scores neglected even to mention primate senses and/or brains in their essay

5. generally in both short answer and essay, attend to what is asked. Even a very good answer on another question won't get much credit.

6.ask questions, especially use the "discussion forum" on BlackBoard.

7. you might be able to get a small amount (3%) of extra credit volunteering for experiments. Read about it here. You may get 3% credit for each of the three exams --a total of 3 hours maximum volunteering. So for example, you had a 79 and did one hour, that exam would now be 82. Only one hour is possibile for each exam. Some of you might be better off using the hour working on your projects or studying etc. It is your choice.

8.remember that "improvement" is part of your final grade. A low score can be discounted with subsequent high scores.