perspective on "intelligence"
intelligence is a tool for adapting, enhancing fitness
people and concepts- quick overview
Descartes (1642)  animals are machines; no reasoning
Thorndike's (1898) trial and error learning (T&E)
Kohler's (1925) notion of insight
Piaget's developmental stages (Gomez, fig 3.1)
Piaget worked in Binet's lab where he became interested in how young children's thought differss from adults
Piaget described early cognitive development including the development of object permanence, causality, trial and error, and many other aspects of primate cognition.
Social (observational) learning
social priming
cognitive maps
instinctive behavior
with some exceptions, primate adaptive learning involves T&E, moderated by social priming, usually by mom.
unsystematic T&E example
it seems reasonable to conclude an act is intelligent to the extent it is successful amidst a large number of alternatives that could fail.