Psychology of Primates  (2/15/2012)
(here's more expansive 2011 guide)
Why are we interested in primates?
Primates overview
distribution- where are they
kinds and numbers of primate species?
Origins of primates
terms and concepts
evolution  (see notes)
thinking about evolution
people (scientists, naturalists...) studying primates
Gomez on cognition, flexibility and representation
videos (spring 2012; see video notes)
"Adaptation" and "continents drift" video bits
Life in the Trees
Children of Eve
Orangutans  Galdikas, update on orangs, Julia's date)
other Asian primate video clips
Mountain Gorilla (plus clips on dominance, agricultural pests, conservation)
New Chimps
Extreme Senses
animal intelligence (?)
primate sensory systems
common themes in primary senses
the sixth sense- proprioception
functions of senses
primate brains and cognition
common themes in primate cognition
brains-- size
brains -- localization of circuits
thinking as manipulation- concrete and abstract
intelligence-- what is it and how does it work?
exam 1, Feb 22, 2012
questions will come from:
class discussion
videos and notes
one or more from "Primate News"
topics mentioned in class make good questions!
30 multiple choice
pick any 3 short answers from 5 or 6
answer one essay selected from these two.
essay  one-- 1 to 2 pages
essay two