Systematic Botany Links


Colby College - Angiosperm Family Photos

Flowering Plant Gateway from Texas A&M

Internet Directory for Botany: Images

World Wide Flowering Plant Identification: A polyclave key to plant families

Reproductive characters for plant identification (photos: flowers/inflorescences/fruit types)

FLORA NORTH AMERICA (FNA) - On-line taxonomic treatments

USDA-APHIS Concordance of Family Names

Univ. of Maryland - Dr. James Reveal Advanced Taxonomy/Families

Texas A & M - Taxonomy of Flowering Plants

Texas A & M - Plant Family Photo Gallery

Texas A & M - Medical Botany I and Medical Botany II

Univ. of Hawaii - Flowering Plant Families (photos)

The Families of Flowering Plants: by L. Watson and M. J. Dallwitz (Australia)

Plants of Costa Rica (some common plants and links to data base MO/INBIO)

Aquatic Plants of Bolivia (Nur Ritter and Garrett Crow)

Aquatic Plant Research in Costa Rica (Garrett Crow)

Garden Gate: Roots of Botanical Names

Tree of Life (phylogenetic trees for all biotic groups)

Patricia Ledlie Bookseller - Botany/Conservation Biology/Natural History books