PBIO 566H - Systematic Botany

Honors Section

Dr. Garrett E. Crow


Lectures and Lab

Concurrent with Introductory Systematic Botany

Assigned Readings

Assignments of journal articles from systematic literature.

(About 10 assignments spaced throughout the semester)

Turn in: a brief summary/abstract of the contents of each assignment.

Each abstract is worth 10 points.


Field Trip to Harvard University

Friday, April 2: (leave at 12:00, return by 11:00 p.m.)

Afternoon: Visit the Glass Flowers display at the Harvard Botanical Museum

Evening: New England Botanical Club, Symposium:

"Dynamics of the New England Flora"

Keynote speaker: Dr. Peter Raven, Director, Missouri Botanical Garden


Field Trip to Mount Major

Wednesday, May 12 (leave 7:30 a.m., return by 2 p.m.)

Opportunity to collect plants for your collection.


Plant Collection

Make a collection of 40 flowering plant species from New England.

Collection worth 200 points


Reading Assignments--Spring 1999


Carlson, C. 1984. Doyenne of the biological sciences. Mosaic 15(6): 5-13.

Tan, Kiat W. 1981. My son, the taxonomist. Explorers Journal (June) pp. 80-82.

Due date for abstracts: Feb. 10


Miller, J. M. 1989. The archaic flowering plant family Degineriaceae: its bearing on an old enigma. National Geographic Research 5: 218-231.

Heslop-Harrison, Y. 1978. Carnivorous Plants. Scientific American 238: 104-114. [February 1978].

Due date for abstracts: Feb. 24


Janzen, D. H. 1966. Coevolution of mutualism between ants and acacias in Central America. Evolution 20: 249-275.

Lessem, D. 1986. From bugs to boas, Dan Janzen bags the rich coast's life. Smithsonian 17: 110-119. [December 1986].

Due date for abstracts: March 22


Kruckeberg, A. R. 1969. The implications of ecology for plant systematics. Taxon 18: 92-117.

Stebbins, G. L. 1982. Perspectives in evolutionary theory. Evolution 36: 1109-1118.

Due date for abstracts: March 29


Philbrick, C. T. and D. H. Les. 1996. Evolution of aquatic angiosperm reproductive systems. BioScience 46: 813-826.

Due date for abstract: April 19


Tomlinson, P. B. and M. H. Zimmerman. 1967. The "wood" of monocotyledons. International Assoc. Wood Anatomists. Bulletin 1967/2: 4-24.

Wood, R. W. 1917. How to tell the birds from the flowers and other woodcuts. Reprinted by Dover Publ. 1959. [Just for fun--no abstract]

Due date for abstract: April 26


Choose 1 of the following 3 readings:

Schultes, R. E. and R. F. Raffauf. 1990. The Healing Forest. Medicinal and Toxic Plants of Northwest Amazonia. Dioscorides Press. Portland, Oregon.

Read the rather lengthy Preface, and glance over the book to become familiar with the reference and the kind of information it contains.

Plotkin, Mark J. 1993. Tales of a Shaman's Apprentice. Penguin Books. New York.

Read: Chapter 1. Through the Emerald Door

Chapter 3. Under the Double Rainbow

Caufield, C. 1985. In the Rainforest. Alfred A. Knopf, Inc. New York.

Read: Chapter 12. Fever Bark
Chapter 13. Fruits of the Earth

This is the last set of readings!!!!!

Due date for abstract: May 5