PBIO 566



    Get out and enjoy spring!!!



    Make a collection of 30 flowering plant species.

    The plant specimens must be from New England.


    This is NOT a group project!!! You may collect together with other students, but the collection should represent your own work—each specimen in the collection must be collected by YOU (that is, no trading specimens). No two collections should be identical if you are doing your own work.


    Purpose: to gain more experience keying. Plants must be in flowering condition and keyable. (If WE can't key your specimen out due to inadequate material, we won't give you the points.)


    Use Gleason & Cronquist's Manual of Vascular Plants of Northeastern United States and Adjacent Canada to identify your plants.

    If it's not in the Manual, don't put it in your collection.


    All plants collected must be native or naturalized (introduced from another region, but now growing wild).


    No cultivated plants!!! Do not collect on Campus!!!

     Mount your collection on herbarium paper (available at UNH Bookstore/MUB).


    Herbarium Label: provide the following information on the label.

  • Scientific name and author of the binomial

    Family name

    State, county, and town (and put dot on map)

    Exact location of the population

    Describe habitat where you collected specimen

    Flower color (color may change on drying)

    If woody—indicate if shrub or tree, and approximate height.

    Collector and collector's number

    Date collected


    Prepare a list: list species in your collection in numerical order and organize your specimens in the same order. This helps us in grading the collection.


    The collection is worth 150 points.

  • Each specimen will be worth 5 points each

    Partial credit for correct genus (2 points)

  •  EXTRA CREDIT--5 points extra for each additional correctly

    identified specimen (no partial credit) up to 5 extra plants.

    Extra credit plants do not need to be mounted (prepare a label, but submit them in newspaper).


     DUE DATE: Friday, May 14, 12:00 noon!! You may pick them up 4 days later.