IA 401 International Perspectives

Fall, 2000

Module: Twentieth Century Diplomacy


  Instructor: B. Thomas Trout, Professor of Political Science

Office: 316 Horton Social Science Center

Phone: 862-1752 E-mail: tom.trout@unh.edu

Web Page: http://www.unh.edu/political-science/trout.html

 Office hours:





This module will survey the principal milestones that mark the passage of international relations in the twentieth centure. Our approach will be to look at several pivotal historical periods of the century around which the international order revolved. These "snapshots" will open with the eventsw emerging from the previous century that led to the outbreak of World War I and close with the end of the Cold War and the contemporary thrust toward "globalization". We will look at the political, economic and military/stratigic factors that define each period. And we will try as well to identify and trace the interactions of those factors among the periods.



William R. Keylor, The Twentieth-Century World: An International History. New York: Oxford University Press. 1996.

IA401 "Twentieth-Century Diplomacy", University Copy Center, Course Packet Service, Fall 2000.



First Due: September 14

Second due: October 5

Paper must be computer written:

4 page limit / double spaced / 1 inch margins / 12-point font


Map Quizzes

Based on events being studied

September 14

October 5


 Lecture Schedule:

September 7

Security and the Balance of Power: The Diplomatic Prelude to the Twentieth Century

(Keylor-Prologue: Packet #1)


September 12

The End of the International Order--Part I: World War I and It's Aftermath

(Keylor- chs. 1-4; Packet #2-5)


September 14

The End of the International Order--Part II: Mass Movements and the Outbreak of World War II

(Keylor- chs. 5,7; Packet #6-16)

Map Quiz / First Paper Due


September 19

The Quest for Postwar Order: Competing Ideologies and the Advent of the Cold War

(Keylor- chs. 8-9; Packet #17-24)


September 21

Nuclear Weapons and the "Long Peace": The Superpower Era

(Keylor- chs. 10-11; Packet #25-29)


September 26

The Spread of Nationalism: The Latent Force of Decolonization

(Keylor- chs. 5, 12-14; Packet #30-31)


September 28

The "Short Peace": Nuclear Arms Control, Perestroika and the End of the Cold War

(Keylor- chs. 16-17; Packet #32-43)


October 3

Regional Conflict: Religion, Culture, Ethnicity and Diplomacy

(Keylor- chs. 18-21; Packet #43)


October 5

So What Now? Globalization, Environmentalism, and Democratic Peace

(Keylor- ch. 22; Packet #45-49

Map Quiz / Second Paper Due


Thursday, December 21 1:00 - 3:00 p.m. IA Competency in Geography Exam


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