International Perspectives

Module: Twentieth Century Diplomacy

Instructor: Prof. B. Thomas Trout, Department of Political Science

Milestones that mark the passage of international relations in the twentieth century beginning with the events that led to WWI and close with the end of the Cold War and the contemporary thrust toward "globalization".

Module: International Political Economy

Instructor: Prof. L. Christopher Reardon, Department of Political Science

Examining basic concepts in international political economy we'll survey the evolution of the Bretton Woods system, with special emphasis on international economic organizations such as the IMF, World Bank, World Trade Organization as well as non-state actors.

Module: Biodiversity and Sustainability

Instructor: Prof. Garrett Crow, Department of Plant Biology

Are we destined to be only exploiters of the biosphere, or will we develop attitudes allowing us to become stewards of our planet Earth and living within the Earth's carrying capacity.

Center for International Education - University of New Hampshire