Professor of Botany and Chairperson

Department of Plant Biology

University of New Hampshire

Durham, New Hampshire 03824


603-862-3865/FAX 603-862-4757





Home Address: 25 Garden Lane

Durham, New Hampshire 03824


Born: December 11, 1942, Phoenix, Arizona, USA


Family: Wife - Charlyn Williams Crow

Children - Lindsay Allison Crow (b. 10 Aug. 1976)

Megan Joy Crow (b. 19 Dec. 1977)

Jason Aaron Crow (b. 24 Aug. 1981)



High School: New Providence, New Jersey - graduated 1961

Higher Education:

B.A. Taylor University, 1965

M.S. Michigan State University, 1968

Ph. D. Michigan State University, 1974

M.S. Thesis: An Ecological, Floristic, and Phytogeographical Analysis of a Southern Michigan Bog.

Ph.D. Dissertation: A Revision of the North American Species of Sagina (Caryophyllaceae).


Professional Experience:

University of New Hampshire, 1975-present

Professor of Botany (80% teaching, 20% research NH Agric. Exp. Sta.)

Universidad Nacional, Costa Rica

Fulbright Visiting Professor, 1999-2000

Instituto Nacional Biodiversidad, Costa Rica

Colabrador de botanica, 1999-2000

Universidad Nacional, Costa Rica

Visiting Professor during sabbatical leave, 1984

Michigan State University

Research Associate, 1974-75

Instructor, 1973-74

Graduate Assistant 1965-72

University of Montana (Biological Station)

Graduate Teaching Assistant, summers 1968, 1969


Scholarships and Awards:

UNH Award for Excellence in International Engagement, 2000

Fulbright Scholar (Costa Rica), 1999-2000

UNH Faculty Scholar Award, 1999-2000

New England Wild Flower Society Education Award, 1992

UNH Faculty Development Award, 1983, 1985, 1989

UNH Distinguished Faculty Award, 1982

UNH Board of Trustees Faculty Merit Award, 1979

U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service Award of Achievement, 1979

Michigan State University Graduate Office Scholarship, 1972


Teaching Activities:

Principles of Biology II (BIOL 412)

International Perspectives/Biodiversity (IA 401)

Systematic Botany (PBIO 566)

Aquatic Plants (PBIO 747/847)

Plant Geography (PBIO 761/861)

Advanced Systematic Botany (PBIO 867)

Investigations in Systematic Botany (PBIO 795A/895A)

Recent Advances in Systematic Botany (PBIO 885A/886A)


Administrative Activities:

Department of Plant Biology: Chairperson (2000-present)

Hodgdon Herbarium: Director and Curator of Vascular Plants (1975-present)


Professional Service Activities:

Associate Editor, botanical journal RHODORA, 1976-1994; 1996-present

Forensic Botanist/Expert Witness, NH Office of Attorney General/VandeBogart Homicide/Rape Trial, July, 1991

Regional Advisory Council, New England Plant Conservation Program

New Hampshire Task force, New England Plant Conservation Program

NH Scientific Committee on Biodiversity, DRED/Div. Forests & Lands

Forest Health Monitoring Program, USDA Forest Service


Professional Organizations:

 New England Botanical Club (President, 1988-90)

American Society of Plant Taxonomists

International Association for Plant Taxonomists

Sigma Xi


New England Botanical Club Activities:

President, 1988-1990

Vice-President, 1986-88

Program Chairman, 1983-1988

Council Member, 1978-81; 1983-92; 1994-97

Herbarium Committee, 1979-83

Committee on Endangered Species, Vice-chair, 1977-83

Endangered Species Symposium, Organizer--"Rare and Endangered Plant Species in New England", Harvard University, Cambridge, MA -- May 1979

Symposium, Co-organizer--"Plant Conservation: A Biogeographic Perspective", Harvard University, Cambridge, MA -- May 1988

NEBC Centennial Committee, 1991-94


 Research Interests:

 Biodiversity, systematics, phytogeography, and ecological floristics

Aquatic plants, temperate (NE N.Am., Russia) and tropical (Costa Rica, Bolivia)

Endangered species of New Hampshire/New England

New Hampshire Flora


Current Research Projects:

Biodiversity in Aquatic Plants: Tropics vs. Temperate Regions

Biodiversity in Watersheds of Hubbard Brook Experimental Forest and Old Growth Forests, NH

Genetic Studies of Aquatic Flowering Plants: Evolutionary and Taxonomic Implications

Aquatic Plants of Northeastern North America

Aquatic Plants of Costa Rica

Aquatic Plant Biodiversity in Bolivia (especially Amazon basin)

Manual of the Plants of Costa Rica (contribution to:) (B. Hammel, N. Zamora & M. Grayum, Missouri Botanical Garden project)--Taxonomic treatments of Alismataceae, Hydrocharitaceae, Limnocharitaceae, Myacaceae, Pontederiaceae, Potamogetonaceae, Cabombaceae, Ceratophyllaceae, Elatinaceae, Haloragaceae, Lentibulariaceae, Menyanthaceae, Nymphaeaceae, Podostemaceae

Flora North America: Sagina (Caryophyllaceae), Lentibulariaceae, Podostemaceae



North America

United States

Traveled widely, especially field work in northeast and northwest.

Dissertation field work: Colorado, Nevada, California, Oregon, Washington, British Columbia, Alberta, Newfoundland, Ontario, New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, Maine, New Hampshire, Georgia, South Carolina, Tierra del Fuego

IX International Botanical Congress Field Trip No. 4 (Graduate student leader, with John Thomas and Stan Shetler --California, Nevada, Oregon, Washington)


Newfoundland (1972, 1979, 1982, 1985, 1996), Gaspé Peninsula, Quebec, Ontario, Alberta, British Columbia


Costa Rica

Jan. 1984--planning trip for sabbatical leave

July-December 1984--sabbatical leave, Visiting Professor, Universidad Nacional, Heredia (taught course on aquatic plants; conducted research on aquatic plants)

August 1987, field work on aquatic plants/UNA

October 1989--field work on aquatic plants/UNA

August 1990--field work, Utricularia, aquatics/Inbio

March 1996--field work, Podostemaceae, aquatics/INBio

March 1998--field work, Podostemaceae, aquatics/INBio

July 1999-June 2000, Fulbright at Universidad Nacional/INBio/OTS


December 1993--states of Hildago, Queretaro, Veracruz

December 1994--states of Guererro, Oaxaca


August 1999, Training consultant on aquatic plants


South America


October 1971--Strait of Magellan (Patagonia)


October-November 1971,--Isla de los Estados (Staten Island)--(research assistant to Dr. T. R. Dudley); Tierra del Fuego, Isla Grande


1994, 1995, 1996, 1997, 1998--Altiplano, Andean slope, Amazonian Basin, Brazilian Shield, Gran Pantanal (National Geographic Society support 1998)


Great Britian

February 1975, Study type specimens of Sagina at Linnean Society of London, British Museum, Royal Botanic Garden (Kew), Field trip to southeast coastal Scotland


1975--XII International Botanical Congress, Leningrad, Russia--Scientific Field Trip to SSSR Georgia, Abkhazia, Moscow

 1981--USA-USSR Scientific Exchange Program--Botanical Expedition to Crimea, Moldavia, Western Caucasus


June 2002—French Alps, Camargue, Pyrenees.



1989--Russia, Siberia,

USA-USSR Scientific Exchange Program--Botanical Conference, Novosibirsk and Expedition to Altai Mts., Siberia

 Russia, Siberia

1993--USA-RUSSIA Scientific Exchange Program

Leader: Botanical Exchange Expedition on Aquatic and Wetland Plants of Siberia (Novosibirsk, Altai, Kemerovo, Khakassia Regions)  

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