BIOL 412

Principles of Biology

Spring Semester



Instructor: Garrett E. Crow, Professor of Plant Biology


Exam I - Sample test

Exam II - Sample test

Exam III - Sample test


Spring semester takes an organismic approach to the study of biology. In looking at the whole organism, we will consider Systematics and Evolutionary Diversity throughout the 5 Kingdoms, Plant and Animal form/function and reproduction, and an introduction to ecological principles.


Animal Diversity

and Reproduction,

Human Reproduction, Embryology

Plant diversity, reproduction and life cycles,

structure and function


Speciation and Adaptation

in Plants and Animals

Ecological principles

Biomes, Cycles and Energy Flow

Communities and Populations

Impact of Humans

Globetrotting and Biodiversity:


Biological Exploration in Bolivia

Bolivia - Andes to Amazon

Costa Rica

and Tropical Biology