Lab Members

Ellen S. Cohn, Ph.D. [View Curriculum Vitae]
Professor of Psychology, Research Director of the Legal Socialization Laboratory

Ellen Cohn is a social psychologist who studies legal socialization or how people develop attitudes toward the law and decide to engage in rule-violating behavior. Currently she is working on the National Science Foundation-funded New Hampshire Youth Study, a longitudinal study of a cohort of sixth and ninth graders semi-annually for the first 3 years and annually for the next 4 years. The study is testing the role of legal attitudes, legitimacy, and legal cynicism as mediators between moral and legal reasoning and procedural justice and rule-violating behavior. She is also working on a panel study of unwanted sexual and physical experiences begun in 1988; the fourth wave of data will be collected in February 2012. This year the study has been expanded from UNH to include other New England universities and colleges.


Graduate Students

Rick Trinkner

Rick Trinkner is a fifth year PhD student in Social Psychology currently working on his dissertation. He graduated with his BA in Psychology from Northern Michigan University and his MA in Psychology from Northern Iowa University. Presently his research examines how adolescents interact with different authorities in their everyday lives and how these interactions shape their understanding of rules and influence their engagement in rule-violating behaviors. My research interests focus on rule-violating behavior, legitimacy, justice and authorities.


Stacy Jeleniewski

Stacy Jeleniewski is a third year PhD student in Social Psychology. She graduated with her BA in psychology from Fitchburg State University and received her MA in psychology from Connecticut College. Her current research interests lie in victimization and perpetration and she completed a master's thesis last year on perceptions of relational aggression. She continues to conduct research in this area as well as teach introductory psychology.


Lindsey Cole

Lindsey Cole is a second year PhD student in Social Psychology. She graduated with her BA in Psychology from the University of Massachusetts and her MA in Psychology from Southern Connecticut State University. Currently, she is researching the effect of police witnesses and legal attitudes on jury decision for her master's thesis. Her other research interests are cultural differences in legal and moral reasoning, the role of emotion in legal socialization, and developing a new measure of legal cynicism.


Undergraduate Students

Sarah Ransom

Sarah Ransom is a Senior Honors Psychology and Justice Studies major. She has just completed the Justice Studies semester in Budapest. Her honors thesis is a series of three studies which manipulate the reputation of the victim (Studies 1, 3) and the perpetrator (Studies 2, 3) in cases of relational aggression.


Kristin Williams

Kristen Williams is a Senior Honors Psychology major. She spent the second semester of her Junior year in Ireland. She has been working in the lab for over a year. Her honors thesis is focusing on a new model of adolescent moral socialization in which normative status and wrongfulness judgments mediate between moral reasoning and rule-violating behavior. She is also collecting data on legal versus moral bases for deciding whether or not to engage in rule-violating behaviors.


Catherine Bousquet

Catherine Bousquet is a Junior Psychology major and Justice Studies minor. I have worked in Professor Ellen Cohn's legal socialization lab since my Sophomore year. During this time I worked on the New Hampshire Youth Study, and presented at a poster session in spring 2011 on the relationship between parental factors and adolescents' rule violating behavior. I also began to help gather data for a jury deliberation study in spring 2011, and I completed an independent study during the summer transcribing videos from this study. I am currently coding data from the jury deliberation study and I am working on a qualitative analysis on the effects of the importance of different types of evidence on juror decisions.


Allison Pendergast

Allison Pendergast is a Sophomore Psychology and Justice Studies major who has been working the legal socialization lab for a year. She primarily works on the jury decision-making study, helping to collect and code data. Her research interests include how loaded and legal language affect the persuasiveness of certain jurors in deliberations. She is also interested in how people with dominant personalities affect the outcomes of deliberations.



Victoria Banyard
Professor of Psychology and Justice Studies, Prevention Innovations

Katie Edwards
Assistant Professor of Psychology

Mary Moynihan
Research Scientist of Women's Studies, Justice Studies , Prevention Innovations

Cesar Rebellon
Associate Professor of Sociology and Justice Studies, Carsey Institute

Karen Van Gundy
Associate Professor of Sociology and Justice Studies, Carsey Institute

Wendy Walsh
Research Associate Professor of Sociology and Crimes against Children Research Center

Sally Ward
Professor, Department of Sociology, Carsey Institute



Donald Bucolo [], Psychology Doctoral Student, UNH '10
Currently Manager, Houghton Mifflin & Harcourt Publishers

Erin Goforth [], Psychology Doctoral Student, UNH '08
Currently Assistant Professor of Psychology, Loyola University of New Orleans

Clinton Jenkins [], Psychology Doctoral Student, UNH '06
Currently Research Director, Focus on the Family

Jessie French [], Justice Studies Masters Student, UNH '10
Currently Doctoral Student, UNH Department of Sociology

Brynn Sheehan [], Justice Studies Masters Student, UNH '11
Currently Doctoral Student, Old Dominion University Department of Psychology

Kevin Anderson [], Psychology Undergraduate Student, UNH '11
Currently Postbaccalaureate Researcher, NIMH

Laura Jarvis [], Psychology Undergraduate Student, UNH '11
Currently Administrative Associate in Psychiatry, Boston Children's Hospital

Herbert Cornell [], Justice Studies Undergraduate Student, UNH '11
Currently Master's Student, UNH Justice Studies MA Program

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