Shakespeare on Film:  A Short Research Bibliography

Our library has many published screenplays for Shakespearean films.  For a list of published screenplays for major Shakespearean films, see the bibliography at the end of CCSF.

Reference works:
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Note that Shakespeare on Film Newsletter (Periodicals PR3093 .S49) is devoted to Shakespeare on film;  it has been incorporated into Shakespeare Bulletin.  See also articles periodically published in Shakespeare Quarterly (Periodicals PR2885 .S63, also available on JSTOR).

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Also of interest are the following series, which provide histories of Shakespeare in performance and often include some discussion of film adaptations:

The Shakespeare in Production series, published by Cambridge UP.  Each volume in the series is an edition of a single play, giving different interpretations of specific lines and scenes in footnotes.

The Shakespeare in Performance series, published by Manchester UP.  Each volume in the series is devoted to different interpretations of a single play.  For this class you'll find these volumes especially helpful:  Anthony Dawson, Hamlet;  Bernice Kliman, Macbeth;  Alexander Leggatt, King Lear;  Jill Levenson, Romeo and Juliet.)

Journal Articles:
For specific articles, consult the following bibliographies:

The MLA Bibliography, available in Dimond Library and at

The anthologies and special journal issues listed above.

 Díaz-Fernández, José Ramón, "Shakespeare on Screen:  A Bibliography of Critical Studies" and    "Shakespeare and Film:  Derivatives and Variations," Postscript, Vol. 17, no. 1 (Fall 1997) pp. 91-146, and Vol 17, no. 2 (Winter/Spring 1998), pp. 109-20.

Film Reviews:
For specific films, consult the following bibliographies:

Lexis-Nexus, available in Dimond Library and at

Reader's Guide to Periodical Literature, available in Dimond Library and at

Film Review Annual (J. S. Oser, 1981-present).  Reference  PN1995 .F463.

Brode, Douglas.  Shakespeare in the Movies:  From the Silent Era to Shakespeare in Love.  Oxford UP, 2000.  (This book contains numerous mistakes and misleading commentary.)