Schedule for Handouts and Discussion Leaders, English 758

 MAR 25
George Sidney, Kiss Me, KateHandouts due at class time.
    Lindsay Duquette, Kevin Mealey, Gillian Tremblay, Megan Wisecarver.

Andrew McLaglen, McLintock! Handouts due at class time.
    Jesse Camacho, Adrienne Ginter, Shannon Prentice, Brian Weiss.

Gil Junger, 10 Things I Hate About YouHandouts due at class time.
    Kelly Blizzard, Ally Broehm, Shelley Burke, Emily Falkenstein, Jess York.

APR 15
Laurence Olivier, Hamlet. Handouts due at class time.
     Matthew Doucet, Dan Fallon, Ida Kuburovic, Nan Littlefield, Manouchka Poinson.

APR 17
Franco Zeffirelli, Hamlet. Handouts due at class time.
     Christopher Arcand, Jesse Broehl, Jared Powers, Christy Watts.

APR 24
Kenneth Branagh, Hamlet. Handouts due at class time.
     Evan Czyzowski, Shannan Goff, Sean Leslie, Ryan Levasseur, Tracy Tompkins.

Almereyda, Hamlet. Handouts due at class time.
     John Giova, Allison Hyatt, Liz Kenny, Jon Roberts.

Note that you must make 32 copies of your handout for the class.  Your handout must be no more than one page, front and back (12 point type or higher);  you may include illustrations or diagrams if you like.  You must indicate that you have read and digested the relevant criticism or scholarship on your film.  Some suggested topics or issues:

If you wish, you may meet with other members of your group to divide up different aspects of the film and its scholarship.