Handout exercise

You have been assigned to one of the films in the second half of the course, and you will produce a handout on that film for the benefit of the class.  Your handout should be no more than one page front and back, and you must use a typeface of no less than 12 points.  Your handout should include some element of research, but it should also mostly focus on analysis of the film.  Your handout might include a number of elements (these are just suggestions):

A good handout will be well-focused (information stripped down to its essence and all clearly relevant), clear, and very well-organized.  Certainly give some thought to how you present the information (feel free to use bullets, different type faces, color, graphics, etc.), but don't let the presentational pizzazz overwhelm your ideas.  Think of this assignment as the handout you might give out for a presentation to the class.

You should make 32 copies of your handout.  It will be distributed to all members of the class and become the basis of discussions.  I will offer you a written evaluation of your handout.  You should feel free to use the handout as a way of beginning research for your final paper and for organizing your thoughts about a given film.