My areas of research interest include marine ecology, invertebrate zoology (especially molluscs), estuarine biology, and the ways in which organisms are adapted to the physiological conditions of their environments.

Master's Thesis

My Master's research focused on the predator-prey relationship between two species found in the Great Bay Estuary system. The predator is the nudibranch, Tenellia adspersa, which preys on the hydroid Cordylophora lacustris. I studied the effects of salinity on the two organisms and how differences in tolerance to low salinities provides a refuge for the hydroids.

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Master's Thesis (Word to HTML Conversion) | Master's Thesis (PDF) | Photos of Tenellia adspersa and Cordylophora lacustris

Freshwater Gastropods of North America Project

I am currently participating in the Freshwater Gastropods of North American Project. The project's goal is to survey and document the populations of freshwater snails in the US and Canada. I have started collecting specimens in New Hampshire.

FWGNA Project Home Page | New Hampshire's Freshwater Snails