About CS 509

CS 509, Network and Systems Administration, is a course that I have developed and am first teaching in the Spring 2002 semester for the Computer Science department's minor program in Computer and Information Technology.

CS 509 focuses on the computer and networking technologies that I use every day administering nearly 400 computer systems in the Student Computing Clusters. The course is designed to provide a solid knowledge of these technologies along with information on the proper practices and techniques of systems administration. It does not intend to teach the exact ins and outs of any particular OS although I do try to incorporate appropriate examples and assignments pertaining to Windows 2000, Linux, and Mac OS X.

CS 509 has a course web site on the UNH Blackboard server. You can view some portions of the CS 509 site as a guest by going to the above link, clicking on the "Courses" tab, and searching for "CS509". Click the Preview button when prompted to login.