I began birding when I took the UNH Ornithology course from Dr. Art Borror as an undergrad. As a graduate student, I had the chance to TA the class for two semesters. Having worked extensively with the UNH study skin collection, I have learned all of the species of birds of New England. Now, if the ones outside would just lay down and stay still like the study skins did....


Like most birders, I like to keep lists of what I have seen where. For anyone interested, feel free to use this copy of my unoffical checklist of the birds of New Hampshire. You can also look at my personal life list . If you really know your birds, you can probably guess from the list where I have been birding, other than New Hampshire!

NH.Birds Mailing List

I am also the owner and co-creator of the NH.Birds mailing list. The list was the brain child of Steve Mirick who had maintained a personal e-mail list for announcing interesting sightings in New Hampshire. When Steve wanted to setup a more permanent mailing list, I volunteered. We also got some help from The Virtual Birder to setup an archive site for the list.

If you would like more information on NH.Birds, please check out the mailing list home page. It contains background information and details as to how to join and use the list.

Audubon Society of New Hampshire

And while were on the subject of birds, I should mention the Audubon Society of New Hampshire (ASNH). I am a member, specifically of the Seacoast Chapter which meets every 2nd Wednesday of the month at the Seacoast Science Center at Odiorne Point State Park at 7 PM. I currently serve on the board of the chapter as Program Coordinator.

ASNH is involved in environmental conservation and education around the state. The local chapters also organize various field trips, lectures, and other programs.

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