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David J. Blezard

--A brief electronic look at who I am and what I do.

Vital Stats (Life Part 0)

--Basic background info

Born October 10, 1970, Rochester, NY
Graduated Pittsford-Mendon High School, 1998
BA in Zoology from University of New Hampshire, 1992
MS in Zoology from University of New Hampshire, 1999

Currently reside in Lee, NH. With my wife Christine, step-son Peter, and new daughter Anna.

My Resume | Pittsford Central Schools | University of New Hampshire | Rochester, NY | Lee, NH | NH Seacoast

Work (Life Part 1)

--What I do M-F 9-5, more or less

I currently work for the Computing and Information Services department at the University of New Hampshire as Administrator of the Academic Computing Systems group.

I also teach at the University from time to time as an instructor for the Department of Continuing Education and for the Computer Science department teaching computer applications. That's usually rather non-9-to-5.

Even less 9-to-5 is my self-employment as a computer consultant and developer of FileMaker Pro database solutions. Take a look at some of my work.

UNH | CS 509 | CS 401 | FileMaker

Play (Life Part 2)

--What I do other times

I have completed my Master's degree in Zoology after too many years and too many distractions so I have much more time to Play. In a way, though, the grad work was Play, too.

Here's a sampling: