Claudia's Fight the Future Comments FIGHT THE FUTURE
RELEASE DATE:  June 19, 1998
Story by Chris Carter and Frank Spotnitz
Screenplay by Chris Carter
Directed by Rob Bowman

I liked the movies "Alien" and "Aliens", but you know I'm getting a little bit tired of the alien invading the human body and using it as a host to develop little uber aliens. I'm fairly certain it wasn't an original idea in the first "Alien" movie but the way the movie was filmed made it seem fresh and original. In "X-Files: Fight the Future" we find out that the black oily aliens are part of an alien race who first came to Earth 35,000 years or so ago who also use humans as host to breed and plan on colonizing the Earth just for this purpose. Hmm, sounds kind of familiar doesn't it, but as I watched the movie for a second time my mind drifted briefly on how much the tv show "ER" is basically a remake of "St. Elsewhere" because "ER" has used so many similar plots that "St. Elsewhere" used but it hasn't ruined my enjoyment of "ER". So how much originality is there truly out there? Not much, and it all comes down to how they used these familiar themes to make them seem fresh and original. How does "X-Files: Fight the Future" do? Not too bad though I do wish there had been more to the conspiracy than just an alien colonization theme with the Consortium for whatever stupid reason thinking it is a good idea working with them, but this is the course Chris Carter and gang have decided to take even though I will always think it could have been so much more. The other thing the movie has to answer is was it worthy enough to be on the big screen. Well, compared to some of the stuff released this summer it did a good job in what it attempted to do. Comparing it to a typical mythology X-Files episode, well, it did have bigger special effects than they could ever do on the show, but in the end it isn't special effects that makes us go back time and time again to watch the X-Files episode every week. It is a decent coherent story and for Scully and Mulder interaction. Do we get this in "X-Files: Fight the Future"? For the X-Files it was as coherent story as we are ever going to get though because of things that have been established in past episodes there are certain questions that are left up in the air. Such as why does the black oil in the movie affect characters differently than characters in episodes. In other words why did the people who get infected with the black oil in the movie suddenly become host bodies for the aliens while in "Piper Maru/Apocrypha" it only took over the person's body. Personally I think it would have been more interesting if they had gone with the latter than the former especially since they had Lucus Black playing the first person infected. A wasted opportunity of a talented actor. But as I wrote earlier that isn't the direction Carter and Company decided to take so I had to sit back and enjoy where they did decide to take this whole conspiracy thing. Okay, this is the plot as I interpreted it: some kids find another landing area of the black oily aliens and the Consortium sets up camp and decides to experiment with their vaccine on one of the infected men. In the meantime Mulder and Scully show up and find some corn fields and a whole bunch of bees who somehow are able to infect people with the black oil via a sting. Scully gets stung and Mulder finds her on the mothership in the middle of the Antarctic and rescues her before she becomes a mommy for an alien. Oh yeah, Cigaratte Smoking Man always seems to be everywhere you want him to be and Scully and Mulder get in trouble with the higher ups at the F.B.I.. Not a bad story if you are willing to go along with it and forget past events. If this had been a movie without the past 5 seasons of the show's history where Carter and gang has thrown everything at us except the kitchen sink the story would work better because without this history the movie is fairly suspenseful and intriguing. Instead it comes close to being a classic episode, oops, movie. Does the movie work in bringing the Scully and Mulder element of the X-Files we look for each week? Actually it does bring in this element of their working together in ways we haven't seen in long time. The big question is why after everything that has happened to Scully, from having cancer to being abducted, would she wait until now to say she is going to quit the F.B.I. to get on with her life. It might have worked better if the X-Files were still open and she truly was tired of it all instead of it appearing she's only quitting because she doesn't want to be assigned to Salt Lake City, Utah. Hmm, maybe she was subconsciously upset that she was going to be taken away from Mulder and didn't want to be separated from him. Mulder expresses to Scully how important she is to him and that without her he wouldn't have got as far as he has in his investigation of the conspiracy. The most telling statement came when he tells her she owes him nothing while he owes her everything as a way to telling her he would be lost without her. The Consortium finally figures out how this time to take care of Scully permanently instead of half heartedly as they have in the past and what a devastating blow it would be to Mulder as we have seen before. But this time it could really neutralize him in a way it didn't before. We can see how Scully once again almost dying because of her working with Mulder makes Mulder finally realize that if Scully keeps working with him her life will always be at risk which is why he tells her to go be a doctor and get out of this business and get on with her life. Of course, Dr. Scully would never quit now because she is one pissed off Scully and the Consortium better watch out. Now some miscellaneous comments on "X-Files: Fight the Future": - At least one thing the Neanderthal Man proved in this movie is that the black oily aliens when they become a big ugly alien can be killed when the Neanderthal Man stabs it to death. The only catch is don't stand around it after you have killed it. - Weren't the bio-hazard uniform proven to be ineffective against the black oil in "Tunguska/Terma" when the NASA scientist became infected after it splashed on him from the rock? This must be the new and improve bio-hazard uniform only available to the Consortium especially since the black oily aliens never had trouble going through clothes before. Hmm, maybe Carter and Spotnitz just forgot that had happened in an episode. - I guess 20th FOX couldn't get either Coke, Pespi or Dr. Pepper to agree to allow the bomb to be in one of their vending machines. I suppose they thought it would make them look bad. Also, if the guy had unplugged the machine why was everything still lit up in the machine. I do like how the bomber guy not only has time to set the bomb, but has the time to file down the lock with no one asking him what the hell he is doing. - I was glad to see Mulder showed his rebel streak by being the only F.B.I. agent not to be wearing a tie during the bomb threat instead he is wearing a gray t-shirt. - Was there really a good reason why the F.B.I. agent in charge would allow himself to be blown up? I still can't figure out the logic for that one because they could have still done what they wanted to do with the bombing even if he did come out and say he couldn't defuse it. I'm sure someone out there has a good explanation for it and it has to be better than they were trying to set up Scully and Mulder because they still had the other 3 bodies found in the blown up building. - Oh yeah, couldn't the Consortium have thought of a better way to dispose of the bodies than pretending they were blown up. If it was just so they could somehow release the bodies to their families they sure didn't bother even making the bodies look like they were part of an explosion. As if the families would never want to look at them. - I also find it hard to believe that Scully and Mulder would be blamed for the bomb going off or for the deaths since everything points to them being heros. Let's see they are searching a building where they aren't supposed to be and where they find the bomb 15 minutes before it goes off and get everyone out of the building in time. Yeah, it would look like it was their fault to everyone especially the asleep at the wheel media who would never find out the real story or even be covering the story as it is happening in the first place. Carter and Company could have come up with a better way to have them blamed. - "It's always you, Mulder isn't it." Something I wish Scully had said to him after he tells her they are only doing this to them to get at him. Ah, no I don't think so Mulder it goes beyond just you. Mulder saying they are reassigning her to get at him reminded me of the season finale of Buffy where Buffy and Angel are fighting it out and during a break in the fighting Angel tells her it isn't always about her. A wake up call to her to get beyond this is all happening because of me and her fatal mistake risked the lives of her friends. - Just how many old friends does Mulder's father have anyway? I swear it's like a big club. It would have been nice to find out exactly what Mulder's father's role was in the conspiracy and why did he become disillusioned with the project, but that would be asking too much. - One would think the people in Blackwood would be bitching about the helicopter noise in the middle of the night. Boy, they must have paid them off pretty well to get all those people to be quiet and we know how people don't talk. - As always the well-prepared Scully whips out a pair of latex gloves to use on the dead fireman's body. - I wonder what the people at FEMA think now that it has been exposed that they take over wherever and whenever they want to. - The MP needs to go back to police school since he didn't do one of the most obvious things when you are searching for someone and that is look under tables. - In most movies they would take the time to show you what a person is looking at when the person looks through a microscope. Nope, not the X-Files people. Instead of trying to come up with something imaginative to show us what Scully saw that surprised her so much that she decided to come down and help Mulder in Dallas they take the easy way out and have Scully just say it looks like something she has never seen before. - Let's see a vicious alien creature is running around in a darkened tunnel, what do I do? I think I'll hang around and see if I can put this vaccine in it to see if it works. Yup, our scientist at the Blackwood site gets the "I'm an idiot, please kill me award" in this movie. At least the Neanderthal Man has an excuse for going after the alien since he wasn't exactly the smartest thing around. - Boy, the Consortium can't even do a playground right since they had things in the playground no (we don't want to be sued) playground would have anymore. Along with planting fresh grass in the middle of a desert. - The Intrigue must have one big gas tank since Mulder and Scully never worried about running out of gas as they are driving in the middle of nowhere. - You know that was one impressive bee. Who would have guessed the Consortium could train a bee to hide in Scully's clothes then attack her when she and Mulder are about to get intimate. Think about it, the bee had to stay in her clothes as she and Mulder drive back to the airport, while she was waiting for the plane, flying on the plane and driving to the F.B.I. building. Wow, I'm impressed since Scully must have taken off her jacket sometime during this and the bee still stayed where it was. - My favorite scene was the rat that ran across the alley as Mulder is walking away from Well-Manicured Man and WMM's car. Maybe a reference to our beloved Ratboy who couldn't make it into the movie. - Now we know why no one died at the end of the 5th season's finale since they were saving it for the movie. Too bad it had to be one of the better actors in the Consortium and not the guy who plays Chunky Italian Guy. The character will be sorely missed since he appears to be the only one with half a brain in him about the black oil aliens with his belief it is better to fight than to serve them. Nothing like a family to make one think about what the future holds for them. - I was amazed at how fast Mulder was able to get to the Antarctic and that there are regular flights to Antarctic and a motorized vehicle would be his disposal. He should have driven the Intrigue since that never runs out of gas. - I do find it funny how I have read that Carter had Mulder pissing underneath an "Independence Day" movie poster because he didn't like the movie, yet, the interior and outside of the mothership was a direct rip off of the mothership in "Independence Day". I suppose 20th Century Fox thought it could save some money if it reused the set and models from "Independence Day" for the "X-Files" movie. - Boy, Mulder must be well padded since he didn't break one single thing in his body after falling through the snow. Not even a rip. - The Antarctic scene has one of the coolest special effects and a prime example of bad writing. The scene where Mulder and Scully are running away from the caving-in snow as the mothership is about to take off was great especially where they showed the gigantic hole in comparison to Mulder and Scully's little bodies. The bad writing came in not explaining how Mulder and Scully got out of the Antarctic because I would like to know how since I'm sure it was an adventure in itself. It just makes it seem as if Carter and Spotnitz got them this far and since they didn't know how to get them out it decided the easy way out was just to fade out. Somehow that feels so B-movie-ish. - Wouldn't burning down the corn fields bring even more attention to them since smoke rises and can be seen for miles. I think there would be a lot of people wondering where this smoke is coming from and why the government had a secret corn field in the middle of the desert. Gee, you would think they would be a lot smarter than to burn it. - When Mulder goes to Scully "How many times have we been here before?" I felt like yelling up at the screen "Let me count how many times, Mulder." - Glad to see the Cigarette Smoking Man is back in good standing with the Consortium. I was a bit confused as to why CSM felt the need to tell Strughold in person that the X-Files have been reopened. How powerful is Strughold, a man we have never seen before and most likely never will again? "X-Files: Fight the Future" is a decent mythology movie, but the movie has the curse of history behind it. There are too many X-Files episodes that were ten times better than this movie. It wasn't bad, but it didn't really add anything new to the mix and once again Scully and Mulder come out of it with nothing to show for their efforts. It is time to move the story to some kind of conclusion. I will say this much I had a fellow X-Files friend who liked it a lot more than I do and I don't regret spending my money on the movie because there truly isn't anything like seeing the X-Files on a decent size movie screen. Claudia E-mail: 6/24/98

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