This is me at 9 months in 19--, well, you don'ít need to now that part. Here is a brief bio on me for all those who are interested:

- Grew up in Dover, NH where I grew up in the house picture below. It is a grand old victorian house built in the mid-1800ís. My fondess memories of the house are the heat never working in the winter, sliding down the driveway into a busy street and doing stuff my parents would die if they knew what we did back then such as climbing on the roofs.

- Graduated from the University of New Hampshire in 1990 with a degree in Political Science which I promptly put to work by working for UNH as a Data Analyst. I currently work for the Registrarís Office where I push a lot of buttons and other things.

While I'm tooling away for the University I DJ at WUNH (91.3FM) which is one of the best college radio station in the country in my humble opinion. I currently do two shows: one is called "Rock is Dead" where I play a variety of oldies from the 1950's to the mid '80's because it is a way to show how music has been influenced over the years and there are more to oldies than what oldies stations are playing. Also, I do a General Programming show where I play the hip new music of today by bands you most likely never heard of.

To get a better idea of the kind of music I play here are my latest playlist for Rock is Dead and my General Programing show.

There are quite a few bands I like, but there are three groups I quite like. They are:

1) The Kinks
2) XTC
3) Paul Kelly with or without the Messengers

If you are interested in checking out their music here are albums I would recommend:


- anything from "Kink Kontroversy" (1965) to "Muswell Hillibillies" (1971). Ray Davies was at his height in songwriting talent. A good beginner album is "Kink Kronikles" a two record collection put out by Reprise in 1972 or you could pick up "To the Bone" which is a two live CD put out last year. After these you can finish your journey to Kinkdom by checking out "Something Else" or "Village Green Preservation Society". If you want to read a different kind or autobiography then pick up a copy of Ray Davies's "X-Ray" about the band's early days.

If you are interested in more information on the Kinks check out their web site at Kinks Website.


- What can I say about the boys from Swindon, England. I will say this if it wasn't for the Kinks I never would have gotten into XTC. When XTC started they were being compared to the Kinks and that was enough to get me interested in them. If you like the Kinks then you should start with their 1980 "Black Sea" album then try "English Settlement" or "Skylarking" where XTC goes for a different sound and have the songs "Senses Working Overtime" and "Dear God" respectively. A new collections has just been put out by Geffen records called "Upsy Daisy" which features their "hits" and other tracks from their albums from 1979 to 1992. Yes, they haven't released a new record since 1992, but sometime in the next decade we fans expect a new one released from them.

If you are interested in more information on XTC check out their web site at Chalkhills


- Paul is someone who has never been able to break into the American market even though he is a great singer/songwriter. He released three albums on A&M (Gossip, Under the Sun, So Much Water, So Close to Home). If you can find any of these buy them, but I would start with the imported version of "Gossip" (avoid the A&M version where they took off tracks to make a double LP into a single LP). Most likely you will have to buy these as imports or find an old used LP. Currently Paul is signed to Vanguard records in the states where he has put out two excellent records "Wanted Man" and "Deeper Water". "Deeper Water" is one of my all time favorite records. The title track alone is a fantastic song about love, death and children. I cannot say enough about it. There is a new best of CD available as an import that has just came out called "Songs from the South: Paul Kelly's Greatest Hits". If you get it early enough you get a bonus CD with 3 extra tracks. The album truly does contain some of his best. The next time you go to your local Tower Records look for it because it will give you an idea of what Kelly is all about. You will not be disappointed.

If you are interested in more information on PAUL KELLY check his web site at the Paul Kelly Web Site

For exercise I like to do these things called volksmarching which is a 10K (6.2 miles) walk (there are also bikes, skis and rollarblading). Volksmarching started in Germany as a noncompetitive sport for families and spread to the U.S. via former military personnel. There are walks held on most weekends somewhere in the country and seasonal/year round walks where people can sign up at anytime. To find out more infomation on volksmarching check out the American Volksporting Association (AVA)website

I belong to the local volksmarching club in New Hampshire called Seacoast Striders. There are other clubs in Massachuetts (Walk 'n' Mass) and Maine (Southern Maine Volksmarching Assoication).

Oh yeah, I happen to like a show called The X-Files and for some crazy reason I started to write comments on each episode. If you are interested in checking out my comments CLICK HERE