About our TEAM!

CEO of C0mpany The Team Mechanic
As you dream of having a sweet car, we supply you with afforable prices to make your dreams possible

About our CEO:

As you already know we have been a successful company for altmost 15 years! Behind our success is one main person and that is our CEO. Chris Bohlig a graduate from the University of New Hampshire in 1994 started this company up with the mindset to make it big in the car industry. Majoring in business he knows how to run a healthy business making his employers happy and ofcourse their customers. Being young he has always had interests in cars and felt like making a affordable car shop and online store was what the industry was missing. After working summer jobs and internships with other car shops and majoring in marketing from UNH, Chris pursued his dreams of his own by opening his shop to serve the car community in a more sustainable way. Having been opened for almost 15 years, he has worked very hard to keep the name of this company strong through customer service and building personal relationships with his customers. As he would say "A business is not a business if you dont know how to run it," and Chris has showed us nothing more than what he said.

About our Employees:

Being one of the best customer service and most affordable online car stores in the nation, we have to have a lively staff. We work hard to making a clean enjoyable place to work. We want our staff to be happy becuase its the roots to the company. As we pay well our staff are well educated in all aspects of business and know how to treat people right. We maintain a good record becuase of our employees and believe that they afford to get awknoledged for there hard work and hospitality. Thank you

Our Employees of the Month:
Tom CanoleHead MechanicEmployed since 2001
Marty ClauseMechanicEmployed since 2006
Amanda JorgSecretaryEmployed since 2010