Excel & Access

Access Excel
As you dream of having a sweet car, we supply you with afforable prices to make your dreams possible

Why we use Excel & Access everyday:

Excel and Acess are two of the most useful programs to run a successful business like ours. It allows us to build formulas for you so you can get the lowest possible price on aftermarket or stock parts. It allows us to calculate and see our break even formula so when in doubt sometimes when things are over stocked we will sell them for the price we paid for them! Access has made our business that much easier also. We have developed a database in which organizes, produce, and sort our inventory allowing us to see what we have in stock and what we have in order. Also it allows us to organize and sort each customer record of buying with us. And if we do see you are a valid customer you may even be able to get discounts off of the discounted prices we already offer. Therefore as a company, excel and access has made it alot easier becuase it sorts and stores data that is covienant to the customer and us. Like we said we will get you the best price for any part you want and without excel and acess it would be alot harder to do so.