Welcome to Stuart Grandy's lab at the University of New Hampshire!

Principal Investigator Stuart Grandy Our research examines how soil organisms interact with their environment to regulate ecosystem processes such as nutrient cycling, organic matter turnover, trace gas emissions, and productivity. This research encompasses multiple spatial scales and lies at the interface of soil ecology, biogeochemistry, and ecosystem science. While we use a range of fundamental laboratory methods, which include molecular chemical and microbiological approaches, we always have an eye towards applying our results to improve ecosystem processes and management.

Much of our current work focuses in some capacity on the feedbacks between plants, organic matter dynamics, and soil biological communities. We are particularly interested in examining the main pathways in which decomposer communities influence soil organic matter formation. We also have several projects examining the drivers of N cycling and availability in agricultural soils, and are specifically interested in finding ways that we can improve the synchrony between soil N availability and crop N requirements. Our research spans sites in the Northeast, Midwest, and West and includes different agriculture, forest, and mountain ecosystems.

Recent News

  • Best of luck to post-doc Lisa Tiemann as she begins her Assistant Professorship at Michigan State University
  • Congratulations grad student Andrea Jilling for being awarded the NSF Graduate Research Fellowship
  • Best of luck to former post-doc Kyle Wickings as he begins his Assistant Professorship at Cornell University
  • Congratulations grad student Cynthia Kallenbach for being awarded the USDA NIFA National Needs Graduate Fellowshship, the NSF Doctoral Dissertation Improvement Grant, and the SSSA Francis and Evelyn Clark Soil Biology Scholarship
  • Congratulations to grad student Amanda Daly for being awarded the NSF Graduate Research Fellowship
  • Congratulations postdoc Lisa Tiemann for her successful NSF SEES proposal to study land use change in Uganda
  • Congratulations postdoc Kyle Wickings for his recent paper in Ecology Letters: Wickings, K., A.S. Grandy, S. Reed, and C. Cleveland. The origin of litter chemical complexity during decomposition
  • Congratulations Stuart for being appointed the UNH Rowland H. O'Neil Professor, awarded for a three-year term to an early career faculty
  • Stuart is thrilled to be president-elect of the Soil Ecology Society
Installing an experimental mesocosm in a soybean field A mountain landscape