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The Parent-Child CTS (CTSPC)
The Revised CTS (CTS2)
Reviews and Bibliography

Translations of the CTS2 and CTSPC


The Parent-Child CTS (CTSPC)

The Revised CTS (CTS2)



Reviews And Bibliography


Translatons of the CTS2 and the CTSPC


Guide To Translations of the Conflict Tactic Scales

CTS2 Translations

CTS2 English - See Appendix to Paper CTS15

CTS2 Chinese IDVS Chan
CTS2 Dutch IDVS Lamers Winkelman
CTS2 Finish Lindman
CTS2 Flemish IDVS Vervaeke
CTS2 French IDVS Gagne
CTS2 French Lussier
CTS2 French Switzerland IDVS Yodanis
CTS2 German IDVS Kury
CTS2 German Switzerland IDVS Yodanis
CTS2 Hebrew IDVS Yassour Borochawitz
CTS2 Korean IDVS Yoon
CTS2 Portugese IDVS Figueiredo
CTS2 Portuguese IDVS Aldrighi
CTS2 Portuguese Moraes
CTS2 Russia IDVS Vlasduvistok
CTS2 Sesotho Mohahlane
CTS2 Spanish IDVS Garcia
CTS2 Spanish IDVS Ramirez
CTS2 Spanish Medina
CTS2 Swedish IDVS Gill
CTS2 Zulu Mohahlane

CTS2 SHORT FORM Translations

CTS2 Short Form English - See Appendix for Paper CTS37

The CTS2 Short Form Portuguese

CTSPC Translations

CTSPC English - See Appendix to Paper CTS17

CTSPC French Bourassa (Psy Assault Scale Only)
CTSPC French Clement
CTSPC Italian Florit
CTSPC-Spanish Shahabaznia

CTSPC-CA Translations

CTSPC-CA English - See Paper CTS24

CTSPC-CA Spanish Shahabaznia