NH.BIRDS Mailing List

NH.BIRDS was created in the Fall of 1999 as a forum to discuss birding in New Hampshire including recent sightings of rare or not-so-rare birds, conservation issues, upcoming field trips, etc. Effective March 2002, NH.Birds is an mailing list that only accepts postings from subscribers. You must subscribe using the instructions below if you wish to receive messages or to send in your own posts.

In June 2011, the NH.BIRDS list transitioned to Google Groups. The instructions below now direct users to that site instead of the original list that was run through the ListProc system at the University of New Hampshire.

As of Feb 8, 2012, NH.Birds has 450 subscribers. Here's some other subscriber counts for historical reference:
Date Subscribers
3/9/2001 218
4/14/2003 301
11/27/2006 429
9/12/2008 447
5/5/2009 482

The list is un-moderated in that postings do not need to be approved before they are sent out to everyone on the list, but list owners David Blezard and Steve Mirick will be monitoring the list should the discussion drift too far off topic or if there is a problem with any individual posting inappropriate material to the list.

Subscribing and Reading NH.Birds

The easiest way to sign up for the Google Groups list is with a simple e-mail to nhbirds+subscribe@googlegroups.com. The subject line and the message body can be blank. There is no need to create a Google account to join the list.

You can follow the list, or create a Google account to use for that purpose by going to http://groups.google.com/group/nhbirds. You can find options to manage your subscription, if you have a Google account, at http://groups.google.com/group/nhbirds/subscribe.

Unsubscribing from NH.Birds

To stop receiving e-mails from NH.Birds, send a message to nhbirds+unsubscribe@googlegroups.com.

Miscellaneous NH.Birds Information

In addition to being able to the Google Groups site, you can review past postings to NH.Birds at various other birding websites including Birding on the Net.

For more information about Google Groups, see http://groups.google.com/.