The web server on is provided for the benefit of individual CIS Unix users at UNH to compose their own home pages. The underlying hardware is a Dell PowerEdge M610 system running four Intel quad-core Xeon 5570 series processors, with 24 GBytes of memory. We're running version 2.2.15 of the Apache web server software under version 6 of Red Hat's Enterprise Linux distribution.

The pubpages server was moved to this new host on June 27, 2011.

This page contains a hodgepodge of pointers to web server documentation and examples of things you can use on your own pages (assuming you have a CIS Unix account here).

  • The documentation for the Apache web server software.
  • How to set up your own website on the Pubpages server.
  • How to remove your website from the Pubpages server.
  • A list of UNH local users with home pages.
  • Our current statistics report (from the webalizer software) is here. It contains data for the current month, and up to eleven months previous to the current month. (The current Pubpages server has been in production since June 27, 2011.)
  • A list of icons from this server which you can use on your own pages (like this: [burst]).
  • Users can include Java applets on their pages; here's an example that should work for you may work for you if your browser allows it.
  • Users can password-protect a section of their Web documents from unauthorized off-campus snoopers. For example, you can break into this secret web page only if you know the secret code: the username is the first name of Dilbert's creator, the password is his last name, both in lowercase. (Please note that this doesn't prevent potentially thousands of local users from browsing your "secret" page. We're all one big happy family here, but ...)
  • CGI Information: I get a lot of questions about CGI scripts.
    • Please see the Security Tips section of the Apache manual for the reason we don't allow users to install their own CGIs (specifically, see the section on "Non Script Aliased CGI").
    • Although the pubpages server disallows users from running CGI programs from their own directories, they can request that I review and (if acceptable) install one; as an example, here's a fortune cookie program called from the cgi-bin directory on the server.
    • You might just want to have a form on your web page which can be filled out and the results mailed to you. We've installed the cgiemail CGI script for that purpose. Here's an example.
  • Users who wish to set up their own home page might want to review relevant sections of the CIS Unix Systems Acceptable Use Policy.